The Beginning of a Stupid Journey

The Beginning of a Stupid Journey

I decided to put this blog back up, after letting it die a few years ago. I just couldn’t keep up with the work it took to scrub spammer comments about off shore gabling or generic Viagra ads that ended in domain extensions like “.$%TXXX”. Not sure why anyone would ever think, “hey, you know what I want to do?  Buy some generic Viagra from a shady website link I found on some random idiot’s blog comments.”  But I guess spammers thought otherwise.  Either way, it was exhausting and I just gave up and turned the site off rather than bother to research a plug in that could have helped. I’m not sure if that means I beat the spammers or not.  It felt like a hollow win, but according to Vin Diesel, it doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning. I’m also not sure that quote is all that applicable here, but I wanted to work in at least one Vin Diesel quote a post, so there it is. I feel good about the way this blog is now start.

The last time I had this blog up, most of the stories were mostly hyperbole, for the sake of being an entertaining read. I’m not sure if I actually accomplished that objective or not.  You’d have to ask the handful of friends who read this site—Erv, Micah, how was it?—if it was even actually funny. This time around, I’ll probably have a little hyperbole, but to a lesser degree. Instead, I’m just going to write on what is going on, tell some of the funnier stories from my life growing up, and likely talk too much about diabetes, CrossFit, dates that went wrong (hopefully right), the books I am reading, and my inner fat kid. If you have a suggestion for something better, hit me up on twitter or leave a comment, unless it’s for Viagra, in which case, Micah, I hate you.

Vin Diesel, if you are reading this, Fast Furious was the best one so far.

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